Listen to the Music we played during your appointment!

There's nothing like listening to some good music and setting the tone for the day, evening, or weekend, while getting ready or getting glammed. We have carefully selected some great songs and created playlists on Sound Cloud to make it easy for all of you to enjoy. This is the music we play during an appointment and now you can listen to our playlists on your own.

If you have any suggestions for additional "genres", please share in the comments below and we will try to create a 1 hour playlist just for you!

Meanwhile check us out on Sound Cloud, and if you sign up (it's free) follow our music selection. If you don't want to sign up, see below for instructions on how to find us and listen to On Location Glam's music at any time!

Whether you are on your phone, iPad, laptop, or desktop, go to www.onlocationglam.com and scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page.

Click on the Sound Cloud Icon.

You will be taken to our Sound Cloud profile.

Scroll down and choose whichever playlist you are in the mood for.

And enjoy! Each playlist is about an hour long. Just the perfect daily dose to inspire you...

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