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Glam with Tanya König

Balcony TV Zürich

On Location Glam was hired once a month to work with Balcony TV Zürich to glam up their host, Tanya König.

Balcony TV Zürich is an online viral music show that features bands and musicians on balconies around the world, also known as "Music with a View". It was such a great experience for us to meet and hang out with musicians all day, while making sure the host looked as fabulous as ever on camera!

Tanya was very open to always having the latest hair and makeup trends created on her. Extensions, braids, buns, you name it. We were her personal Glam Team.


Hair and Makeup by Frances Feldmann
Hair and Makeup in Zürich
Trendy Hairstyles
Hair and Makeup Artist in Hong Kong

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