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Siamese Cat Glam

This glamorous kitty suits all of you dark haired and gray/white haired ladies. Siamese cats are white and have the dark face or dark ears as a contrast, so we can definitely play with the color scheme.

We opted for the contrast of the dark hair, but a gray haired lady can use black or white ears. See below for a list of makeup and hair tools we used.


Gray Kitty Ears, Blow Dryer, Round Brush, Rollers (or schedule a blowout with your stylist to avoid the hassle).

We created a very glamorous hair feel with this kitty because the Siamese cat has always seemed a bit fancy and/or snobby. A glamorous blow-dry of loose and big curls does the job. Schedule an appointment with your stylist to have this taken care of by a professional.


Gray Eyeliner, White Eyeliner, Teal Contact Lenses, False Lashes

This look seems to be a mix of our white kitty and our lion. The makeup application is self explanatory again while using different colored eye pencils. Quick and easy to apply.

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