Zürich Glam

When visiting or living in a city like Zürich, where everything is clean, pretty, and facades are all beautifully painted in white, beige or gray hues, it's fun to be bold with hair and makeup. It calls for a great reason to have a photoshoot, with Molly Zaidman of course, to showcase what a statement you can make in this gorgeous city.

Wanting to create an edgy feel to her glam, we HAD to do a smokey eye with dark brown tones and a nude lip color. Using a 2 inch curling iron to create this undone wave look, we finished it off with a little Baume Bois de Rose, $380 HKD, to roughen up the texture of her gorgeous long hair. It all looks beautifully edgy which suits this city's vibe. The hat accessorizes the hair so well, we couldn't get enough!

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