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Soft + Feminine Glam

How to make sure your Boudoir Shoot remains classy and elegant? The Glam plays a huge part!

Boudoir Photoshoot in Zürich and Hong kong

We were hired for a private and glamorous photoshoot with our friends in Zürich, Switzerland. This beautiful lady, who is a professional dancer at the Opernhaus Ballet Zürich, requested we create a feminine and soft glam look for her Boudoir Shoot with Photographer Molly Zaidman.

We used a variety of pearl and beige shades for her eyelids paired with a thin, dainty liner and topped with an individual lash application. For her skin, we used Temptu's Airbrush Machine with color code 003.

Since her hair was damp upon our arrival, we prepped it with Leonor Greyl's Lait Luminescence, $380HKD, which gave it a beautiful shine when it was fully blowdried. We used a 1.5 inch curling iron and created this loose classic curl.

Many Boudoir Photography Shoots feature a dark smokey eye, with bold red lips. In this case, we wanted our client to feel fresh and still staying true to who she is.


Boudoir Hair and Makeup
Hairstylist in Zürich
Hair and Makeup in Hong Kong
Boudoir Shoot in Hong Kong
Hair and Makeup by Frances Feldmann


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