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For those of you who may not know Frances, here is a little introduction.

Frances Marquez, owner and founder of On Location Glam LLC, launched her mobile, on-demand beauty services in Hong Kong and in Southern California. Being in the Beauty Industry for the last decade has allowed her to gain knowledge, experience, and expertise in cosmetology services. From studying at Vidal Sassoon in London, doing hair for the Grammy's in LA, to serving the most prestigious guests at high-end luxurious hotels and hair salons in the world, Frances has acquired a clientele of her own that allows her to travel across the world to do hair and makeup within Europe, Asia and North America.

She gathered a team of professional and highly skilled artists in California to all travel the state, country, and world to meet the elite's glam requests. Whether Frances is in Hong Kong, Europe, or her home stats of California, she has taken charge of having the best ladies to glam you up even when she's not around.

Frances Feldmann | Owner and Founder of On Location Glam
Business Owner in Hong Kong | Los Angeles
Hong Kong Hairstylist and Makeup Artist
International Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist
Bridal Beauty Expert
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