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Photographed by Patrick Lam.

The Vienna Pin pictured below is a gorgeous bridal hair piece with beads and pearls. Not too many rhinestones but the right amount of beaded work to add a whimsical vibe. It can be placed many different ways on any updo or hairstyle which is down and flowy. It's a bendable piece which easily adjusts around the updo of the gorgeous bride.

For this pretty little bride below, we worked with her baby hair as much as possible. Many women dislike the baby hair but when it's so much of it, why not work with it and enhance it? "If you can't fight 'em, join 'em" is what we like to think. This is a great bridal hair look that will still make the bride look and feel like herself. Baby hair is quite the trend right now so let's work with those tiny little youthful strands around the face and enhance them.

As far as makeup, we used very light and shimmery shades. Silver and mauve eyes with pretty in pink cheeks and lip. Eyeliner and falsies added a little more drama to her already gorgeous eyes. And of course, airbrushed skin for a flawless finish to last up to 12 hours.

The Vienna Pin will be up for sale on our website at the end of September, 2016. Stay tuned for updates on exact date.

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