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Living and working in Hong Kong can be fabulous but when it comes to Hair and Makeup during summer time it's not always easy to manage. My client wanted a smooth ponytail for her day filled with meetings and presentations. Sounds easy, right? Well, not really when dealing with humidity and caucasian or textured hair. Below are a few styling tips with the one and only haircare line we use, Leonor Greyl.

Taming the Frizz in Hong Kong

Pictured here are the 3 Leonor Greyl styling products we used on our lovely Sabrina.

Leonor Greyl in Hong Kong

Condition Naturelle is a Heat Protecting spray. As we prepped the hair before the blow-dry, I sprayed about five pumps of this heat protector throughout her hair and dried at a high heat level.

Smooth Blowout in Hong Kong

Once we finished her blow-dry, I used a tiny amount of Eclat Naturel, which is a really heavy styling cream that hides the fly aways and smooths out most of the frizz. It has an amazing scent and lasts a long time. A very small portion of this goes a long way.

Red Lip in Hong Kong

And last but not least, we used her really cute velvet fabric black hair tie and finished the look with Voluforme, which is a hairspray with hold. We didn't want the ponytail to look overly done with too much product. The overall look should say "Less is More".

Sleek Ponytail in Hong Kong

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