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Tiger Makeup

Happy October Glam Gals!!

It's one of our favorite months since we usually get to do some fun Halloween Glam on our clients.

The cat makeup is and has been popular these last few Halloween's so we decided to create and suggest which Feline suits you best. We will introduce each one on separate days, so stay tuned to see them all:


Halloween Tiger Hair and Makeup

Using your own hair color is a great way of determining which Feline you should dress up as. The Tiger Glam look works with a few different shades. We suggest strawberry blondes, red heads, and warm brunettes (and if you're in this hair category with highlights, you're officially the best suited, according to us)!

On Location Halloween Glam


Tiger Ears, Texturizing Spray, Wax

A Tiger's hair is not wild at all. No Lion's Mane here. So we decided to create a messy pony or bun.

Using a texturing spray on dry hair, tie in a ponytail and either let it hang or lightly pin it up. We used wax on the baby hairs so they don't fly to wild.

Halloween Makeup Ideas


Black Eyeliner, White Eyeliner, Lashes, Bronze Eyeshadow, Cheek Bronzer, and Yellow Cat Eye Contact Lenses (or photoshop)

The Tiger Makeup can be very detailed or not at all. We decided not to create any Tiger lines on the face but just focus on the eyes and pout. The tools we used are self explanatory as to where and how to apply. And yes, we cheated a bit, the eyes are photoshopped but only because we are saving the contact lenses for the 31st of October.

Cat Halloween Ideas

And last but not least, an existing dress that matches the ears is the perfect fit.

If this Feline does not suit you, don't fret, I will be posting more cat options. Stay tuned blondes and dark brunettes!!

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