White Kitty Makeup

October 6, 2016

Attention all platinum blondes and gray-haired ladies, this White Kitty Glam would look great on your light and bright colored locks. Read more to find out what I used: 




Clip on Pink Kitty Ears, Blonde wig (which we didn't do) or your natural Kylie Jenner-like platinum hair     


White kitties' hair can be either wild or tamed. We suggest a low messy chignon to showcase a little of both. 

Trying to keep Halloween costumes low maintenance but fun and sexy, for all of you Feline lovers, we are suggesting a different type of cat according to your hair color. In this post there is no blondie but as mentioned above, we highly suggest a platinum white, gray, pink, or any other bright and light hair colored lady to try this look for Halloween. It will definitely soften the finished look. 


White-Pearl Eyeshadow, White Eyeliner, Black Eyeliner, Pink Lip Liner, False Lashes, Blue Contact Lenses, Pink Blush


Pencil liners really come in handy when trying to draw on a face. We find it easier than using paint and brushes since there is more steady-hand control over a pencil.  And yes, we cheated again by photoshopping the eyes blue but lenses complete the real look! 


 Easy right? Stay tuned you golden natural blondes or dark brunettes, your Feline looks are coming up soon! 


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