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The "je ne sais quoi" vibes of hair are definitely trending in California. After similar requests, we realized that the shaggy layers, barely-there fringe, and a bold dark lip is definitely the thing. See below for some inspiration while sharing what we used to achieve this look.

Leonor Greyl Sublime Meches Shampoo

For this blonde beauty, we used the Leonor Greyl Sublime Meches Shampoo. We shampooed twice and conditioned a bit on the ends. This shampoo is great for prepping this final hairstyle. After using this shampoo, your hair will dry at the perfect texture for these shaggy waves.

Tha Shag Haircut and Hairstyle

Once we cut her hair into this fun shag and "je ne sais quoi" bangs, we blowdried and waved her hair with a curling iron. Before undoing each wave, we used a little Leonor Greyl Spray Algues Et Fleurs and then lightly shook up the hair with our fingers to create movement.

Shaggy hair and Fringe by Frances Feldmann

And just like that, we've got The Shag. No curls, no round brush blow-dry, just these fun shaggy waves.

Haircut by Frances Feldmann with On Location Glam

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