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Red Head Kitty Glam

Calling all strawberry blondes and red heads!! This Kitty Glam would suit you ladies BEST! Your hair color, green eyes, and yellow/orange tone kitties would bring out that fierce feline in you! See below for the list of tools you need to re-create this cat look:

Halloween Cat Makeup


Hair-tie, wax, bobby pins, and yellow/orange cat ears

This hair look is a bit messy and unruly, never as big as a Lion's Mane though. Here we pinned up the hair and let those rebellious little hairline pieces rule.

Halloween Makeup Ideas


Brown Eyeliner, White Eyeliner, Pink Lipliner, Green Contact Lenses, False Lashes

There's not much to explain for the application of the makeup, right? It's fairly easy to recreate. If you do have any additional questions, please post your questions in the comments below.

Halloween 2016

Happy Halloween friends!

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