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With the Holidays being right around the corner along with end of year tasks, it is easy to forget how fabulous and glamorous you should be looking this month. Holiday company parties, galas, balls, and family festivities are all highly documented and never forgotten. For those of you who couldn't fit us in this month, here are a few tips on what to do with your beauty look this Christmas.


1. Wear a Bold Lip

Any shades in the red, burgundy, or purple family are very bright, festive, and of course, glamorous!

Makeup Trends in Hong Kong

2. Apply Bronzer on the Cheeks + Pearly Highlighter

Since the lip is such a statement, we don't need a bright cheek. We like to do color on one or the other, not both. We used a pretty bronzer on the cheek and a pearly highlighter right above it. By far the best time of year to highlight the cheekbones.

Hair and Makeup in Hong Kong

3. Bring out those Frosty Shadows

This is when you can go all out with those highly pigmented frosty shadows. We used a neutral dark and a neutral light shade for some extra shimmery contrast.

4.Wing your Liner and/or Apply Falsies

You can definitely do all three, but if you're not big on applying shadow, then a pretty black winged eyeliner will do the trick. False lashes will give it that extra Va Va Voom!

Freelance Hair and Makeup Artist | Hong Kong

5. Curl/Wave Your Hair and Tease at the Crown

We love to see a pretty curl or wave on Christmas. But what ties it all together is that extra volume. Make sure to tease the hair at the crown of your head. Any pictures being taken of you, from any angle, will look AMAZING with that extra lift.

Hong Kong On Demand Beauty Services

We hope this short guide helps with your Glam this season. Happy Holidays ladies!

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