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With Spring and Summer just a few months away we came up with a great Glam look for all you business women having to deal with heat, humidity, and the need to look put-together for special events. There are so many gala's and ball's happening in Hong Kong, that we decided to help you gain ideas for your evening look.

Freelance Hair and Makeup Artists

Here's a great glamorous look for a chic business woman, with an edge and love for red lips. Taking our inspiration from editorial and runway beauty, we added a more realistic twist for a real #HongKongBossLady.

Sleek Hair Trends

Sleek Hair, No Part

We love a sleek look for a business lady. It's simple, classic, and always chic. You can never go wrong with a sleek ponytail, a sleek part, or sleek straight hair (unless you have a large forehead, but even then a deep side part would do the trick). We used Leonor Greyl styling products to achieve this look. Feel free to comment below if you need exact details.

Makeup Trends

Brown + Bronze Cat Eye Eyeshadow

Yes, the bronze and brown shades are pretty classic, which suits a business woman just right. But we like to kick things up a notch because, why not? We opted to create a cat-eye effect with the eyeshadow allowing the eyes to look fierce and glamorous.

Glowy Skin in Hong Kong

Bright Red/Orange Nails

There is nothing more feminine and fabulous than always having perfectly manicured fingernails. For the workplace, red can be a bit bold, but is still accepted according to some of our Boss Lady clients. Classic and perfectly manicured red nails (without any nail art) is timeless and oh so glamorous.

Manicure in Hong Kong

Bronzy Cheeks

Because it's warm and the sun shines so hard on us in Hong Kong, the Bronzer on the cheeks give such a beautiful "glow-y" feel. Let's use those bronzers, ladies!

Gel Nails in Hong Kong

White Pant/Skirt Suit

White is such a classic color, and in the form of a pant suit is a MAJOR statement. We determine the hair and makeup look once we know what you (the client) are wearing. This glam look can definitely be worn with black if you're looking for a more subtle statement.

On Demand Beauty Services

Red Glossy Lip

YASSSSS! The ultimate "Cherry on Top".

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