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Leonor Greyl

We make sure to work with luxury hair product lines in Hong Kong and love when our clients stick with a hair regimen for their locks to grow healthy, shiny, and beautiful in a natural manner. Not only do we like to style hair and make it look shiny & flawless, we want it to BE healthy too. See below for a few reasons why these shampoos are EVERYTHING:

  • A selection of the highest quality natural ingredients

  • Silicone, coal-tar, paraben and sodium laureth sulfate free products

  • All products feature delicate, aromatic fragrances of fruits and flowers

  • Each and every product provides several results: hydrating, softening, nourishing and strengthening

  • There is a genuine expertise behind the hair care line and beauty prodcuts through unique customized treatments specifically adapted to all hair and scalp conditions

  • Environmentally friendly products, no animal testing.


This shampoo uses only the finest natural ingredients to revive even the most dehydrated and brittle hair. Amaranth extracts rich in sugars and vitamins B & C moisturize and condition, while the Sea Lavender, rich in amino acids, hydrates and helps to prevent static electricity. Thanks to the combination of these two ingredients, this shampoo repairs the hair's lipid barrier, thus helping to restore the hair surface's integrity. Hair dehydration caused by the damaging effects of straightening, coloring and highlighting instantly turns into healthy new shine and manageability.

Leonor Greyl in Hong Kong


Based on natural active ingredients (wheat derivatives, carrot, silk proteins and bamboo marrow), this shampoo repairs the hair fiber from the very first application. It works to regenerate the hair, restoring instant shine, flexibility and manageability. This shampoo is suitable for all hair types prone to dryness, and more specifically long hair that becomes damaged over time, especially on lengths and ends. This luxurious shampoo cleanses and conditions, saving you considerable time while improving your hair's appearance and beauty.

Hong Kong Leonor Greyl

These two shampoos pictured happen to be our favorites because you don't need the use of conditioner and your hair will still be clean, soft, and silky. We do, however, recommend using a mask/treatment 1-2 times a week when using these shampoos. Make sure to ask us which one suits you best for your next On Location Haircut or Blow-dry.

All natural shampoo in Hong Kong
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