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We can not get enough of all this GLAM going on. Winter is coming to an end but this look is definitely staying for a few more seasons. We've created this gorgeous look on our muse, Polina, and are excited to share our thoughts behind the glam.

Sleek Hair

HAIR - Straight, shiny, and a middle part. You can't go wrong with this hairstyle for a casual weekend or a glamorous evening. We prepped the damp hair with Leonor Greyl's Lait Luminescence Bi-Phase, which is a detangling and nourishing milk-like spray for dry/frizzy hair, and blow dried smooth with the Dyson Supersonic (duh!) Then we finished it off with a little Spray Structure Naturelle, which is a hairspray for hold and shine.

Spring Beauty Trends

NAILS - Short, round, and dark. Not everyone is big on the long nail thing and we get it. Even though we love all of the nail trends happening right now with long and different shapes (coffin nails, diamond nails, etc.) , we like to stick to classic, polished, and natural-shaped nails. And just because they are short doesn't mean a manicure is not necessary. How sassy and glam does this dark polish look on her short round nails? Yup, our Nail Technician makes a classic manicure look trendy.

Hong Kong Hair and Makeup Team

MAKEUP - Brows, Winged Liner, and a Dark Lip. We recreate this concept quite often because there are many variations of this look. This babe has the fullest, prettiest, natural brows which made our job easy; very little filling was done but we did comb them into shape. We opted to create a thick winged eyeliner and paired it with a dark lip. Do note that the lips aren't heavily lined. Even though we used a dark color, there is a very pretty and sultry softness to her pout. Dark shades can be soft too.

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