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Bridal Hair and Makeup Artist | Hong Kong

We've been working with some bridal parties this month and have created variations of similar looks on each bridesmaid. Even though we each have different skin tones, hair color, hair texture, length, etc. our team of artists know exactly how to make a look suitable according to your facial features and hair type.

There's something really pretty, feminine and bold about pink and red tones for a Bridal Party.

Since the latest makeup trend has been a lot of pink blush, we took those pinky blush shades to the eyes. YES, we used blush for her eyeshadow and it is such a soft yet bold statement.

Braids keep coming in and out of the fashion world, but they're in for good in the Bridal Beauty industry. If not for the bride, the bridesmaids will rock these out and add that fun and youthful feel to the overall Bridal Party Glam.


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