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With so many AMAZING global makeup brands available, it is certainly hard to choose which skincare, foundation, and brands suit a wide range of skin tones, types, or the ages of our clients.

Bobbi Brown is definitely one of those classic brands carrying a variety of professional Makeup options. Our owner and founder, Frances Feldmann, uses many of this brand's products over any others for several reasons stated below.

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics carries a variety of foundations suitable for young and mature akin allowing to look flawless yet still like real skin. Whether a client is looking for medium or full coverage, these foundations have a great formula for building and working up the right amount of product on your face.

Not many foundations have SPF but this one does! When living in warm and hot countries like Hong Kong, it is absolutely CRUCIAL to protect your face. You want to look flawless while still caring for the condition of your skin.

Their concealers and correctors don't crease! This one's an important one. Since we do makeup for special events or weddings, having the right concealer is everything. There's nothing like seeing yourself in the mirror and not worrying about touching up your makeup during every bathroom visit.

Bobbi Brown in Hong Kong

Professional Makeup in Hong Kong
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