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Primer is such an essential tool for our daily makeup routine and there are several reasons why.

Best Professional Makeup Primers

First of, it's a product used after moisturizing but before applying foundation. It creates a smooth base by filling your pores, smoothing out wrinkles, allowing your makeup to last longer, and brightening your skin at the same time. It is SPECIALLY helpful when living in extreme weather cities such as Hong Kong and Los Angeles. We all want our makeup to last as long as possible without needing to touch up, so use this stuff to your advantage and watch how amazing your skin will look in the hot and humid Summer!


After our team of professional makeup artists tested and used over ten different primers from top quality makeup brands, we rounded up our favorite four which we use on ourselves and DEFINITELY on our clients.

1. LE BLANC DE CHANEL - $440 HKD / $48 USD

This Multi-Use Illuminating Base is great on all skin types (oily or dry) especially those with dark under eyes or reddish tones around the face. It feels creamy and sheer but evens out the skin beautifully before even applying foundation. For any of you looking to have the "No Makeup" Makeup look, this is your product. Leaving a gorgeous natural glow on the skin you won't even want to add foundation on top.

Le Blanc De Chanel | Hong Kong Makeup Artists


This primer is one of the top globally known primers which is unfortunately not sold in Hong Kong anymore. Smashbox is not available anywhere in Asia but thank goodness for online shopping! This silicone based primer is best for our heavy makeup looks. It was made for on-set film/photography because the level of coverage on this primer is out of this world.

Smashbox | Pro Makeup Artists


This primer is mineral based and great for anyone with sensitive skin or allergies. It brightens the skin and allows it to feels smooth and hydrated. It will cover and fill in some of your face's pores but the overall lightness of this product is what we love on our clients. For ladies who have dry and flaky skin, this is your go to primer! Your makeup will stay on without it drying throughout the day looking flawless and smooth.


This classic "for all skin types" primer is great for anyone who loves that shimmery and dewy glow to their skin. It comes off a little thick and clumpy but do not fret! As you apply with your fingertips, it will dissolve smoothly on the face.

All primers can be applied with the fingertips to ensure we fill in every pore. For professional use, we apply with a moist sponge, (most likely the beauty blender) and press into the skin softly and evenly. Have any additional questions? Ask away in the comments box below.

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