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After spending a fabulous 5 days in the South of France for an unforgettably gorgeous wedding (and Bride of course), we look back at these images wishing we were there again, glamming Lara of Between-Meetings.

Our founder Frances had the pleasure of styling this brides' mane over the course of a 3 Day Wedding. from the welcome party, to the big day, to the farewell circus affair (yes, a 1930's Circus theme), we swoon over this bride's Glam over and over. We will definitely share many looks with you, but today we will focus on the first.


Day 1 was all about a sleek yet glamorous look. ALWAYS GLAMOROUS, of course. So we created a classic, smooth, round-brush Blowout. We teased at the crown of the head and set with Leonor Greyl's Voluforme. The gentle breeze in the air of this Summer evening gave it that natural charm.

Bridal Blowdry/Blowout

Smooth Blowout for Wedding

Glamorous Bridal Look
Wedding Day Glam

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