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We all want to have a statement look sometimes but never want to be or feel "too much". At least that's what about 60% of our clients request of us. They want to be fun, bold, and GLAM but they don't want to look like their Glam is "over the top" or "too extra".

One of our Makeup Artists and Nail Techs, Vanessa Chu, along with our Master Hairstylist, Frances Feldmann, created the perfect combination of beauty trends that all work together at once. This gorgeous gal below has some bold beauty trends but paired with the right hairstyle and wardrobe it becomes subtle with a pop of GLAM.



BOLD: The thick black eyeliner we created on this babe is such a statement for her eyeshade. We didn't add much color on her eyelid because we thought the thick-winged eyeliner was statement enough.

SUBTLE: Pairing that gorgeous thick liner with just a gloss on her lips gave us life. Sometimes we forget how fun and playful lipgloss can look.

Hair and Makeup in Hong Kong
Makeup Artist in Hong Kong


BOLD: Even though a sleek hair style with a middle part sounds common, it's actually a bold look for many.

SUBTLE: We added a small braided portion to her ponytail that didn't end at the bottom like most braids do for more interesting feel.

Hair and Makeup Artist in Los Angeles
Hair and Makeup Services | Ventura County


BOLD: The color choice is definitely a pop!

SUBTLE: A classic round shaped manicure is very natural and feminine looking.

Nail Services in Los Angeles

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