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Celebrity Makeup in Hong Kong

We were so honored to have been invited to meet this GLAMOROUS boss lady, Charlotte Tilbury, in Hong Kong for the Pre-Launch of her Skincare/Makeup line. The ultra glamorous and elegant brand will be available in Hong Kong for purchase at Lane Crawford come April 2018.

Mehreen Mughal, aka Mez, pictured below with Charlotte Tilbury, is one of our leading makeup artists in Hong Kong and had the pleasure of speaking all things GLAM with the fabulous makeup guru. We had the opportunity of choosing some of the Charlotte Tilbury skincare/makeup products and have been fascinated with them since.

Charlotte Tilbury in Hong Kong

We rounded up our 3 favorite items and reasons as to why we, as Professional Makeup Artists, fell in love with this makeup line and how it's different from the rest:

1. The Luxury Eyeshadow Palettes are on a whole other level of GLAM. They instantly melt into the skin allowing the application and blending process to be smooth and look as elegant as possible. It certainly has a Hollywood/Celebrity-like feel that automatically makes you want to walk a red carpet. The shimmer in the shadows is beyond sparkly and stunning. Since we offer a luxury Red Carpet Makeup Application, these stunning, bold, and elegant shadows will forever belong in our kits.

2. Lipsticks: Matte Revolution & K.I.S.S.I.N.G are the two different finishes we got to play with and are obsessing over. We've never used a Matte Lipstick which feels and looks as lightweight, smooth, and does not dry out on the lip. An absolute MUST try. The K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick is a creamy finish which looks and feels sheer, moisturizing, and glossy. These lipsticks are definitely inspired by hollywood celebrities and, while wearing them, make you feel like one too!

3. Mascara- Full Fat Lashes has an instant volumizing fanned out effect. When this mascara is applied, lashes are instantly lifted. The wand is long and narrow, allowing the mascara to spread evenly without clumping. It's by far on our top 3 favorite mascara list.

It's an all-around gorgeous Makeup Line which goes hand in hand with our philosophy of luxury and high quality products and services.

Feel free to ask us further questions during your next Makeup Appointment with us in regards to Charlotte Tilbury. We'd be happy to recommend and give our professional advice on the products we tried and would suit your daily makeup routine best.

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