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Professional service arrives offering women a luxurious experience All the Glam Time


LOS ANGELES— On Location Glam, the upscale beauty company that offers professional and luxurious make-up, hair and nail services at the customer’s location, is launching in Los Angeles on January 11, 2018.

Owned by cosmetology expert Frances Marquez-Feldmann, On Location Glam is poised to become the only professional on-demand beauty service that offers ultra-luxurious makeovers and cosmetic products for the modern woman who seeks to look and feel her best All the Glam Time.

“The idea of On Location Glam is to provide women a one-of-a-kind experience with the best qualified industry professionals and optimum beauty products,” says Marquez-Feldmann. “Every person in our team was recruited with the highest standards. The beauty brands we work with are the finest in the world.”

On Location Glam services include top blowouts & hairstyling, flawless makeup applications, and classic manicures.

On Location Glam | Los Angeles

How On Location Glam Works

On Location Glam will be available to customers within Los Angeles County, Ventura County, and Santa Barbara County.

Women interested in receiving beauty services by On Location Glam must visit the website, to request an appointment. The customer must provide the specific type of service he/she is requesting along with the date, time, and location. The On Location Glam team will confirm a reservation if there is availability. If they are fully committed, they will send alternate availability options for the client to choose from.

A highly regarded On Location Glam Los Angeles artist will be dispatched to service appointments made by the customer online through The On Location Glam team will confirm and remind the customer 24 hours in advance. On the day of the appointment, the artist will arrive with the highest quality products, including such brands as Balmain Hair, Leonor Greyl, MAC Cosmetics, Bobbi Brown, OPI, and many more as well as a bottle of sparkling prosecco from European winemaker Bottega Gold or California based Chandon.

Each On Location Glam artist has gone through a rigorous interview, style test, reference lookup and certification check. They have met the highest industry standards and arrive with extensive experience gained from working with an exclusive and demanding clientele.On Location Glam launched in Hong Kong in 2016 with rave reviews from customers around the world. Luxury beauty services have been provided by On Location Glam to world-renowned celebrities and international royal families as well as a broad range of fabulous women— from models and corporate professionals to stay-at-home mothers and business owners.

Professional services offered in Los Angeles start at $100 for a Voluminous Blowout or a Day-time Makeup Application and range all the way to $1200 for Balmain Hair Extensions by our Master Hairstylists.

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Photography by Dali Ma.

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