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Ever wonder where our GLAM obsession comes from? These vintage hollywood babes, of course!!

Hair, brows, lashes, and their luscious pout is beyond being on point. We get inspired by these hollywood classic looks and try to recreate them on clients with a modern twist. So go on, take a scroll down GLAM lane and let us know if these images aren't GOALS!

Old Hollywood Glam

Ginger Rogers, 1931

On Location Glam | Los Angeles | Hong Kong

Hedy Lamar, 1941

Veronica Lake, 1942

Lauren Bacall, 1945

Old Hollywood Glam Inspo

Rita Hayworth, 1946

Vintage Glam Inspiration

Sophia Loren, 1955

Bridget Bardot Do

Bridget Bardot, 1959

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