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This summer we are definitely into gorgeous warm tones on eyes, cheeks, lips, and even skin.

We created this glam look recently and have been recreating different versions of it on other lovely faces. It's beautiful, fresh and summer approved!

Below are the three makeup items that are crucial to this summer look and haven't been able to live without this season.

Los Angeles Makeup Artist

1. Burnt Orange and Raw Sienna - Modern Renaissance by Anastasia Beverly Hills

We quickly pressed the darker of the two shades on the lid and blended out with Raw Sienna on the crease. EASY.

Editorial Makeup Artist | Los Angeles | Hong Kong

2. Peachlite - MAC's Strobe Cream Illuminating Moisturizer

We mixed one part strobe cream and one part foundation. This gave her skin that luscious pink glow that just shines gorgeously on a sunny day.

Top Makeup Artist in Los Angeles

3. Red Apple - On Location Glam's complimentary Lip Liners

We moisturized her lips with a little chapstick first, and then barely pressed the lip liner over the moisturized lips for a soft tinted lip effect.

On Location Glam | Makeup by Frances Marquez

Feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments below! xx

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