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Santa Barbara Bridal Hairstylists and Makeup Artists

SANTA BARBARA, VENTURA, LOS ANGELES COUNTIES - We are here to serve you fabulous ladies with all types of GLAM requests! With an amazingly talented and professional team of expert hair and makeup artists, we will come to you and get you ready in the comfort of your own home, hotel, or wherever you may be!

Having a predominantly bridal clientele does not mean we don't glam for all types of occasions, maybe even no occasion at all, your choice! Celebrity looks, flawless airbrushed makeup, or chic hairstyles, can now be done by our team in your choice of location.

We created a Red Carpet Hair and Makeup look on the beautiful Taylor below. Check out how great the shades we used on her and how it makes her eyes radiant and sparkly.

Santa Barbara Hair and Makeup

Santa Barbara Bridal Makeup Artist

Santa Barbara Bridal Hairstylist

Santa Barbara Top Makeup Artists

Santa Barbara Celebrity Artists

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