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Catching Zzz's with this Product Actually Improves your Hair and Skin


Haven't we all wished for that product that will magically make us look flawless every morning when we roll out of bed?

Something that actually helps you get glammed while you rest?

I had been searching for something like this for the past 30 years (all my life) and then a little package arrived for me to review and the answer was found.

It’s called SILKED, a pillowcase that can fit into any standard queen or king pillow:

For many, many years women have been wearing silk robes and have referenced the soft and satin-smooth fabric as something that’s actually good for the skin.

Not only is silk luxurious, it's hypoallergenic, it regulates your body temperature, and it reduces your chemical exposure.

Now let’s examine that for a minute. Plainly stated— silk is fancy, it helps people with sensitive skin, keeps the body cool and it’s a type of material made with zero weird stuff.

With that said— just imagine what silk can do to your skin and hair while you sleep!?

A Silked pillowcase basically reduces your split ends and lets you say goodbye to bed head. Plus, it helps you maintain a healthy-looking complexion reducing the appearance of fine lines and facial wrinkles. The fabric has a natural resistance to dust mites, fungus, and mold, unlike any other material.

So honestly, instead of investing in more skincare and/or haircare products, let’s think of what SILKED can do for you. It might just be the answer to your nighttime routine.

The front of the SILKED slip is made of 100% Mulberry Silk Charmeuse and the back is made of anti-slip stretch jersey material, perfect for home and/or travel!

The best part?

It retails for $69.50 with many colors and patterns to choose from. This is great because even after your expensive 3 oz jar of recovery cream runs out, the pillow will still be there, waiting to make you look and feel great each morning.

My fave is the Ivory Silk Pillowcase Sleeve with Champagne Trim. Waking up to smooth skin and pretty hair gave me a whole new life mood.

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