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Gloss Moderne Hair Care

Oxnard, CA

We used Gloss Moderne's Clean Luxury Shampoo, Conditioner and Masque and here's what we found:


- Sulfate free and Paraben Free

- Smells of a high end coconut experience

- Ingredients are CLEAN


- The shampoo needs a little help for it to lather and emulsify. Once applying shampoo throughout, add a little water to your head to help it bubble up and continue washing. (Not really a con, but many who don't use clean ingredient haircare would not know this is how they work most of the time).

- Must use entire product line on your hair for a few weeks before you start feeling softer and smoother ends (as with many haircare lines you switch to).

-If you don't like coconut, then this haircare line is not for you.

We definitely see why it's considered a luxury hair care line and would most likely recommend to our clients!

Gloss Moderne Haircare

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Gloss Moderne

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