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As Leading Hairstylists and Makeup Artists in Hong Kong, we absolutely make sure to be using the BEST hair and makeup tools this industry has to offer.

Top Hair and Makeup Artists in Hong Kong

In our very first YouTube Video, we showed our viewers how we finished a Glam Session and included 5 Hair and Makeup tools our Founder, Frances Feldmann, loves to use.


1. Laura Mercier - Transluscent Setting Powder , $310 HKD / $36 USD

This powder is used to set all of the makeup in place and give off a Matte finish to the skin. We use this on almost every Makeup Appointment we have.

Laura Mercier | Hong Kong

2. On Location Glam Lip Pencils, Complimentary for any Makeup Appointments booked

We carry 14 different shades of Lip Liners offering every single client to keep the one they choose. On our gorgeous YouTube muse, we used Brown on the outer area and Natural Beige in the middle, creating a very soft "ombre" effect.

3. Bobbi Brown - Lip Balm, $200HKD / $22 USD

Instead of adding lipstick on top of the lipliner, we just added a bit of Lip Balm to give moisture and shine to the lip.

Bobbi Brown in Hong Kong

4. Leonor Greyl - Voluforme, $220 HKD / $36 USD

Our absolute favorite Hairspray. It's a Medium hold, it has enough strength but it's not a "crunchy" or extreme hold either. We set the curls using the spray and that alone gave us the great texture.

Leonor Greyl in Hong Kong

5. Mason Pearson Brush, $1,950 HKD, $205 USD

This magic brush is in every single PRO Hairstylist Kit. We use it to back-comb, brush, smooth, detangle, you name it! It's one of those "good for all" tools and so far, has lasted our Hairstylists their entire career.

Mason Pearson Brush

Hong Kong | Los Angeles Hair and Makeup Artists

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